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Sidney & Forrest 1.92

Oh my gosh!  There are other children at the playground.  I’m so excited.  There is never anybody over there.  It’s kind of boring sometimes living in the city while everybody else lives out in the suburbs.

Mckinley:  “Kalani!  What are you doing here?  Don’t you live really far away?”

Kalani:  “I have no idea.  I just kind of showed up here along with all these other children.”

Mckinley:  “Heh.  Heh.  Your dad is gonna be so mad that you did that.  Let’s play pirate till he comes to take you home.”

Police Chief Johnson indeed does not look very happy that his youngest daughter (his little princess) was snatched by the game and put in a playground so far from her home.

Over protective daddy alert!

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