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Chaisson Legacy 1.80

Judd: “And then this giant craft swooped down out of the sky and I watched as he was sucked up into it.”

Abigail:  “Oh my!  Did he come back?  What did they do to him?  Did you find out?”

Judd leans over and whispers:  “They probed him and got him pregnant….”

Abigail covers her mouth and gasps which causes Judd to laugh in delight because it was exactly the reaction he was trying to get out of her.  Now that Abby has come out of her shell, she and Judd are hitting it off and seem to be heading towards becoming a couple.

The waiter arrives and Christie places the order for the group.


If you’d like to read this story from the beginning and check out all my other stories, please click here.

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