Runaways Legacy 1.124


The next morning her phone vibrates and she glances at the message with a frown on her face.

Sim:  “You looked so sad yesterday, I wish I could have kissed you to make you smile again.”

Sophie:  “Who is this?”

Sim:  “An admirer.”

Sophie:  “Do I know you?”

Sim:  *silence*

Sophie:  “Who are you?”

Sim:  *silence*

stares at the phone, she should tell her dads.  Caleb wasn’t doing good
though and Rafael had asked her to not stress him out……

Runaways Legacy 1.123


While Sophie is out jogging……

Rafael:  “It’s huge, babe!”

Caleb:  “Geeze, thanks.  Like I don’t already feel fat…..”

Rafael:  “I think you’re hotter than ever…..  Do you think there’s more than one in there?’

Caleb:  “God, I hope not…….”

Because Caleb couldn’t imagine trying to get twins out!

Runaways Legacy 1.121


Rafael is also a great dad and with three grown children already, it’s not the first time he’s encountered teenage angst.

Rafael:  “What’s wrong, sunshine?”

Sophie:  “I don’t know, dad.  I just feel really bummed today.  All my friends are hooking up and I don’t even like anybody.  I’m lonely.”

Rafael:  “Aw, sweetheart.  You’ll find the right person when the time is right.  Look how long it took me before I found Caleb….”

Sophie:  “I don’t want to wait till I’m practically dead, dad!”

Rafael:  “Geesh…thanks babe.  Give me a hug before I keel over from old age or something.”

Nothing like a hug from one of her dads to make things better……


Both Caleb and Rafael tried to cheer her up on their own, such great daddys!