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Runaways Legacy 1.129


Sophie snaps herself out of it and tries to laugh it off and throw the budding secret agent off track…..

Sophie:  “What?  Ha.  Ha.  Don’t be silly.  I’m not crushing on anybody.”

Brad:  “Right, so you just zone out for no good reason.”

Sophie:  “It’s math, you know how much I hate it.  I’m a musician.  I’m never gonna use it so why do I have to learn it?”

Brad:  “Well actually Sophie, math is in music.  You just don’t know
you’re using it.  There is frequency and pitch, they both use complex
math and you’re figuring it out in your head as you go along.  There is
also the circle of fifth….”

Sophie’s eyes start to glaze over as Brad drones on and on….

“Stop, Brad!  You’re gonna make me hate music and then what will I do?
I’ll have nothing left!  I’ll be forced to turn to a life of crime…..”

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