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Runaways Legacy 1.127


Sophie meets Brad at the library after school, just like she’s been doing for years.  She hugs him….just like she’s been doing ever since she first met him.

Except this is the first time she’s seen him since she became a teen….

He wrapped his arms around her in a friendly hug and she realized how muscular he was, how nice he smelled, the feel of his stubble against the side of her cheek made her skin tingle….

Pulling away, Sophie stared at him.

Brad:  “You alright, brat?  You look goofy.”

Sophie shook it off as her face turned red:  “Uh, yeah.  Fine.  Let’s get this done with so I can go do something fun.”

Heading inside, Sophie felt awkward for the first time around him.  Things had changed, not with him obviously because he still saw her as that fearless 10 year old.  The one who intrigued him because she was so confident and strong at such a young age. 

Brad is 26 to her 16, she’s like a bratty kid sister to him.

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