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Runaways Legacy 1.126


A little later on the same day before Sophie leaves for school, she gets a second text….

Brad is her
next door neighbor, she’d met him for the first time when she was 10
and he was 18.  He had been impressed by her fearlessness and had
decided that she’d be a perfect candidate for the criminal mentor

So, he had been grooming her.  Bringing her into the fold, as it were.  

he’d started seeing her as a kid sister and realized that she was too
good for a life of crime.  Once he had started thinking that about her?
He started thinking that about himself!  He’d made a career change a
couple of years ago.

The agency had been impressed by him and had
offered him a position.  He’d gone from breaking the law….to still
breaking the law but with permission!  He was on the Super Villain track
of the Secret Agent career.

He was also Sophie’s math tutor.  An
evil genius, Brad found most intellectual things easy and was helping
Sophie through her intense hatred of math.  

They meet once a week at the local library so he could go over her math work and help her out.  

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