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Samina & Ryder 1.67


The twins are inseparable while Blade likes to do his own thing.  Eventually though, he gets lonely and joins his siblings in whatever they are doing.  After discovering that playing horseshoes by yourself wasn’t much fun, Blade heads over to where Ana and Arron are and introduces himself to a girl.


Blade:  “Hi!  I’m Blade.”

Hailey:  “Hey!  I’m Hailey!  WOW!  Are you triplets?  That’s so cool!  I’m an only child, I bet you must have tons of fun.”

Blade:  “Yep, sure are.  You’re lucky that you don’t have to share..”

Because their parents had warned them that humans would have a hard time understanding that their father had the twins and 18 hours later their mother had him.  He was the youngest but it was easier to pass themselves off as triplets.

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