Runaways Legacy 1.132


Sophie and Brad play a few games and then she stands to leave….

Sophie:  “I gotta go.  I’m meeting some friends at the pool tonight.”

Brad:  “Alright, see you next week….and Soph…”

Sophie:  “Yeah?”

Brad:  “Be more focused next time, boys aren’t worth messing your education up over…..”

Sophie gives him a look over her shoulder that has me scared for her dads, lol. 

Runaways Legacy 1.131


Sophie may hate math but she loves chess!  She challenges Brad to a duel as soon as they are done studying.  He takes chess almost as seriously as she does.


These damn NPCS stood there the entire time.  It was hard to get screens because I could only go from this angle and zoom way in.  I HATE how intrusive NPCs are in this game. 

Runaways Legacy 1.130


Brad:  “Don’t be so dramatic Sophie.  You won’t turn to crime.  Besides, I bet if you tried harder you might discover that you love math.”

Sophie laughs so hard she has to wipe the tears away at the thought of her loving math.

Sophie:  “You’re so funny, Brad.  Me?  Liking math…..”

Brad:  “Yeah, you’re probably right.  How about just getting you through these classes and maybe not hating it so much?”

Runaways Legacy 1.129


Sophie snaps herself out of it and tries to laugh it off and throw the budding secret agent off track…..

Sophie:  “What?  Ha.  Ha.  Don’t be silly.  I’m not crushing on anybody.”

Brad:  “Right, so you just zone out for no good reason.”

Sophie:  “It’s math, you know how much I hate it.  I’m a musician.  I’m never gonna use it so why do I have to learn it?”

Brad:  “Well actually Sophie, math is in music.  You just don’t know
you’re using it.  There is frequency and pitch, they both use complex
math and you’re figuring it out in your head as you go along.  There is
also the circle of fifth….”

Sophie’s eyes start to glaze over as Brad drones on and on….

“Stop, Brad!  You’re gonna make me hate music and then what will I do?
I’ll have nothing left!  I’ll be forced to turn to a life of crime…..”

Runaways Legacy 1.128

Sophie stares at the ceiling, a goofy little grin on her face as she wonders what it would be like to kiss Brad….

Brad:  “Sophie?”

Sophie continues to stare at the ceiling.

Brad:  “Sophia?”

Sophie doesn’t even hear him, girl is crushing hard.

Brad:  “Sophia Marie Montenegro, stop thinking about whatever boy has your head all messed up and focus.  You have end of the term tests coming up and we have work to do.”

Runaways Legacy 1.127


Sophie meets Brad at the library after school, just like she’s been doing for years.  She hugs him….just like she’s been doing ever since she first met him.

Except this is the first time she’s seen him since she became a teen….

He wrapped his arms around her in a friendly hug and she realized how muscular he was, how nice he smelled, the feel of his stubble against the side of her cheek made her skin tingle….

Pulling away, Sophie stared at him.

Brad:  “You alright, brat?  You look goofy.”

Sophie shook it off as her face turned red:  “Uh, yeah.  Fine.  Let’s get this done with so I can go do something fun.”

Heading inside, Sophie felt awkward for the first time around him.  Things had changed, not with him obviously because he still saw her as that fearless 10 year old.  The one who intrigued him because she was so confident and strong at such a young age. 

Brad is 26 to her 16, she’s like a bratty kid sister to him.

Runaways Legacy 1.126


A little later on the same day before Sophie leaves for school, she gets a second text….

Brad is her
next door neighbor, she’d met him for the first time when she was 10
and he was 18.  He had been impressed by her fearlessness and had
decided that she’d be a perfect candidate for the criminal mentor

So, he had been grooming her.  Bringing her into the fold, as it were.  

he’d started seeing her as a kid sister and realized that she was too
good for a life of crime.  Once he had started thinking that about her?
He started thinking that about himself!  He’d made a career change a
couple of years ago.

The agency had been impressed by him and had
offered him a position.  He’d gone from breaking the law….to still
breaking the law but with permission!  He was on the Super Villain track
of the Secret Agent career.

He was also Sophie’s math tutor.  An
evil genius, Brad found most intellectual things easy and was helping
Sophie through her intense hatred of math.  

They meet once a week at the local library so he could go over her math work and help her out.