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Lexie & Ethan 1.76


Ethan rushes into the bathroom in a panic after hearing Lexie throwing up.  Then he proceeds to tick off all the things that they still needed to do before the baby arrived.

Ethan:  “And we have to get the nursery ready….crib!  We don’t even have a crib!  Should it be blue or pink?  Wait.  What if there is more than one in there?”

Lexie holds her hands up:  “Can I brush my teeth first?  Then you can panic all you want.”


Lexie:  “You’re being kind of silly, baby.  Tons of women have done this before, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Ethan:  “None of them were my woman!  So it’s a huge deal!  What about a nanny?  Are we getting one?”

Lexie:  “Why?  That doesn’t make sense since I don’t even work.  I can take care of the baby.”

Ethan:  “But you’ll need help!”


Bump watch!  20 hours till 2nd trimester……

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