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Lexie & Ethan 1.16

Lexie whispering:  “Sim Goddess, I think that guy is following me.”

Sim Goddess:  “Maybe you shouldn’t be so obvious when you steal stuff.”

Lexie:  “Hey copper, you following me?”


Dante:  “I’m not a cop and what makes you say that?”

Lexie:  “Fine, you ain’t a cop.  You just got friends who are cops and have been at the same last five places that I’ve been.  Yeah….some coincidence.”


Dante:  “Sometimes I work with those guys, that’s all and maybe we just like going to the same places?”

Lexie:  “Sure, ‘cause goody-two shoes hang out in those kind of bars for the hell of it.”

Dante:  “And how would you know what kind of bar that was?  Maybe I should ask you what you’re doing in those places?  Not exactly the kind of place you’re used to, is it?”


Lexie turns to walk away until his last comment and then turns to look at him.

Lexie:  “How do you know what kind of place I’m used to?”

Dante:  “Oh I don’t know, Alexandra.  Why don’t you tell me?”


Lexie:  “Why are you following me?  And who is signing your checks?”

Dante:  “I told you, I work for the government and I’m not following you.”

Lexie:  “Right, I totally believe you.  You’re wasting your time following me around.  I know nothing.”


Dante:  “I’m not following you!  Is your ego always this massive, Princess?”

Lexie glares at him and starts to fume and mumble under her breath. The guy knew something, he knew something about her and was fishing for more.  She was sure of it.  Deciding to throw him off by pitching a fit, she did just that.

Standing to walk away, she spins back around and jabs her finger at his chest.

Lexie:  “I am not a princess nor am I a babe or a sweetheart.  I swear the next guy that calls me any of those things is going to be singing soprano for the rest of his life!”


Lexie: “And stop following me around!”

Dante watches her walk away and then takes a phone out to make a call:  “Yeah, I found her.  She’s wearing a wig but there is no mistaking that scar.  She knows I’m following her.  I’ll keep trailing her.”

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