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Reese & Madilyn 1.54

Kristyn screams in excitement as Kale tells her he’s standing outside her door.

“What?  How’d you get here?”

Kale laughing:  “Are you going to let me in?”


Kale lets her talk and talk and talk, knowing she needs to get it out of her system about all the crap going on at her school.  However, when she says she’s going to strangle the leader of the mean girls clique he laughs and pulls her up to the porch.

Kale:  “You know my dad’s the Oasis Springs police chief, I’m not sure you should tell me that.  I may have to testify against you or something.”


Kale:  “Why don’t you just ask him?  All he can say is no, right?”

Kristyn:  “You think it’s really that easy?  ‘Hey dad, not to sound ungrateful or anything but I really hate private school and I want to go to school with my friends’……”

Kale:  “That sounds good, try it and see what he says.”

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