Samina & Ryder 1.43


Sami comes running out of the bathroom and is so excited that she’s screaming.

Sami:  “We did it!”

Ryder:  “You’re pregnant?”

Sami:  “I’m pregnant!”

Ryder grabs her for a kiss while their Sim Goddess sighs.

Sim Goddess:  “You two better hope you don’t have two sets of twins.”

The babies will be 18 hours apart!  It’s the dueling bellies. 

Windenburg Cathedral House


My rock star is going to live in a converted church in “downtown” Windenburg.  I’ve never had a Sim live there because the lots are so tiny.  This lot is still very much a WIP.  I haven’t touched the outside or put up much interior decor.

I’m still trying to decide if I want the master bedroom in an “anteroom” off the back of the first floor or have them all upstairs.

I’m digging it so far….

Samina & Ryder 1.42


Ryder:  “There, that should do it.”

Sami:  “You think it worked?”

Ryder:  “Go pee on a stick!”

Sami:  “Ewwwww…….”

Sim Goddess:  “Why do I feel like I’ve lost complete control of you two?”

Sami:  “What makes you think you ever had any?”

Windenburg Lounge

Decided Windenburg needed a lounge and since I’m setting up to play an up and coming rock star?  This was the perfect time to get to work making one.

CC free – I like to keep all my non-active lots and Sims CC free so I don’t have to worry about fixing things if anything breaks. 

Samina & Ryder 1.41

Sim Goddess:  “Hey, where are you two going?”

Sami:  “Gawd, look how cute he looks waddling along.”

Ryder:  “To get Sami pregnant…..”

Sim Goddess:  “WHAT?!  I control that…..”

Sami:  “You think you do…..”

As they waddle off to auto try for baby!  These Sims really like to woohoo on their own, lol.