Reese & Madilyn 1.36

Reese taking her hands:  “I want to ask you something but I’m kind of afraid of you.”

And it was true, she wasn’t the Madilyn he had known anymore.  Gone was the teen so full of herself in some ways but so scared and timid in others.  No, this version of Madilyn was confident and sure of her place in the world.  She had managed to make a good life for herself and their child and the pride in that accomplishment was evident in the way she carried herself and in the way she acted.

He found that even more attractive, knowing she would be more than capable of handling the many social demands his position and career required. 

Madilyn laughing:  “Surely, I’m not that intimidating.”

Reese:  “Yes you are, you have a way with words now that puts a man in his place and you do it with a smile and grace that makes him thank you for it.”

Madilyn smiled, she’d learned that tactic from Gemma.  The woman had grown up in Louisiana and had only moved to the Southwest when her husband had retired and wanted to go somewhere “away from all the dang bugs and rain!”


And so they talked and talked and talked till finally Reese got the answer he was after, he had finally gained her trust and she had said yes.

No, not to getting married because he knew it would take much more to get her to agree to that but she was now his girlfriend and had agreed to live together so he could get to know his daughter better and continue to win her over.


Reese & Madilyn 1.35


Gemma takes Camryn off to  play sea monster so the adults can talk privately. 

Meanwhile, Kristyn meets a boy or rather he meets her.  She had been minding her own business and swimming in the pool when this guy walks up and starts chatting with her.


Stranger dude: “Hey, I’ve never seen you around here before.  Are you new?  I’m Kale, my family has lived in Oasis Spring since the beginning of time….”

Kristyn laughing:  “The beginning of time, huh?  I’ve never met a caveman before.  I’m Kristyn and we’re just visiting for the day.”

Kale:  “Oh yeah?  Maybe we could exchange numbers or something and keep in touch.  You know, in case you ever come back for a visit and need a local to show you around.”

Kristyn laughed again and took his phone, punching in her number.  This was the first time that any boy had ever paid attention to her.  This one didn’t seem all that intimidated by her height and why would he be?  He was taller than her and had muscles for days.

No…no…she couldn’t think about his muscles or his striking Native American features.  He sure was gorgeous though, she thought with a little sigh.

Kale:  “Did you just sigh?  Am I that boring?’

Kristyn:  “Oh no, you’re perfect….”

Then realizing what she’d just said, she blushes and puts her hands over her face while he laughed.  The look on his face clearly showing that she wasn’t the only one feeling the attraction. 


I wasn’t playing Kristyn at the time so this is the best shot I could get of Kale.  He’s one of my townie families and has a twin brother…..stay tuned for that story.  Kind of happy the game decided to have them meet.

Reese & Madilyn 1.34

Camryn:  “I’m so excited!  I have been thinking about this day forever!  Mom, do you think he’ll like me?  What about my sister?  Will she like me?”

Madilyn:  “Of course they will, sweetheart.  Everybody loves you as soon as they meet you.  Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Now if only Madilyn could take her own advice!  It had taken several weeks and many dates before she had finally agreed to allowing Reese and Kristyn to meet Camryn.  They were going to the park and they would be there waiting.  Her nerves had her stomach in knots, was she doing the right thing?  What if she was making another mistake?


As she watched Reese hugging his child, Madilyn smiled.  She had done the right thing.  If nothing else, they deserved to know each other.  The ecstatic look on her daughters face was enough, more than enough for her.  She was clearly so happy to finally meet her dad. 

Reese & Madilyn 1.33

The date had gone better than Reese could have imagined.  Madilyn had eventually let her guard down enough that she’d flirted with him, returned his embraces and even had kissed him on her own.  He considered that a major victory, that she had been the one to kiss him goodbye at the end of their date.

Then she had agreed to go on another with him.  He felt as if he was slowly, very slowly, making progress with her and his goal of reuniting them as a family.


Reese & Madilyn 1.32

Reese pulls her close for an embrace, a date.  Their first date.  She had agreed to go to a party at the ruins in Windenburg with him and he had spent the days leading up to it alternating between excitement and a case of some really bad nerves.

Reese:  “My beautiful girl…..”

Madilyn:  “I’m not your girl.”

Reese:  “Yet, come sit down and let’s talk a little bit.”

Madilyn gives him a scowl before moving over to the bench beside him.  She watched as he shifted closer and arched her brow.

Madilyn:  “Remember, no messing around.”

Reese:  “But I can kiss you, right?  No harm in that.  Just a little kiss, Madi.”


Reese & Madilyn 1.31

Madilyn actually walked away, she didn’t want to hear that.  She didn’t want to trust what he was saying.  She walked away.  Reese wasn’t going to let her go that easily and followed her. 

Madilyn:  “You can’t just say that!  You can’t say that and think it’s going to erase everything that happened.  This isn’t some romance novel, this is real life and in real life it just isn’t that easy.”

Reese handing her a rose and watching as she scowled at it and snatched it out of his hand.  He smiles slightly, he has a chance.  He knows it, he would just have to do whatever she demanded to get that chance.

Reese:  “I’ll do whatever you want, Madi.  Just give me a chance.  That’s all I’m asking, give me a chance to win you back.”


Madilyn reached up and touched the side of his face, calling herself every name in the book for being so weak.  So stupid…..she couldn’t tell him no, she couldn’t look him in the face and say no.

Madilyn:  “Fine.  You can take me out on a date but only a date.  No messing around and I decide when you get to see her.”

Reese:  “Her?  We have a daughter….”

Madilyn stared at him with a frown, she wouldn’t feel sorry for him.  The guy didn’t even know the gender of his child!  She sighed and once again called herself weak and foolish mentally.

Madilyn:  “Yes, her name is Camryn and she looks just like you.”

Reese & Madilyn 1.30

They stared at each other for a moment, he felt awkward.  It was as if he was back in middle school and trying to figure out what to say to the popular girl he had a crush on.

He was at a loss for words and just stared at her, unable to believe he was actually sitting beside her.  Then clearing his throat, he began to talk.  Asking her about their child, if he could see her….him?  He didn’t even know the gender!

And Madilyn, a woman who made a living off words, was not at a loss for them.  Oh no, he got an earful.  He heard seven years of pent up anger and frustration over everything that had happened and he sat quietly, letting her talk.

Living with a moody teen had taught him that, sometimes it was best to just let the female talk till she had it out of her system.  Then she would let him know when he could speak usually by demanding that he say something.


Madilyn:  “Well?  Are you going to say anything or are you just going to sit there like some lump on a log?”

Reese:  “I love you, I have always loved you, and I want you to come home….”

Madilyn wasn’t expecting that and jumps to her feet.  Run?  Stay?  She had no idea what to do!