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Reese & Madilyn 1.41

Kristyn felt a little awkward, her face turning red as she looked around at all the teens who clearly already knew each other.  Not sure what to do, she decided she’d just dance and pretend like she belonged there.

Trying to find a place to dance, a boy bumped into her and she fumbled to get her footing and then another boy stood in the middle of the floor staring at her.

Her face turned red till a girl turned and rolled her eyes.

Austin:  “That’s their idea of flirting, ignore them.  I’m Austin.  I’m the leader of the teen girls club, we have an opening if you want to check us out.”


Kristyn:  “Yeah sure, I’ll check it out.  Is he going to stop staring?”

Austin:  “Ryan!  Go bug somebody else, sheesh you’d think with half the school thinking you are the finest thing ever you’d leave the new girl alone.”

New girl, her face turned red and she hurried over to the diving board.  She hated that term!  Would they start being mean to her now?  Soon as it got around that she was the new girl?


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