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Reese & Madilyn 1.42

Isabella:  “EEWWW!  She splashed me!”

Bailey:  “Duh, you are at a pool genius.”

Moving away from the splash zone, the girls head up to the deck where they won’t get wet.


Isabella:  “Hey new girl, I hear Austin wants you to join our club.  Maybe we don’t agree…..”

Bailey:  “Oh ignore her, she’s just sore because you were dancing with her crush.”

Isabelle:  “Yeah well yours was staring at her so how come you are all happy and crap?”

Kristyn threw her hands up in self-defense:  “I already like somebody, so need to worry.”


Bailey:  “Is he back there?” 

Isabella:  “You are so sad, why don’t you turn around and look?”

Kristyn:  “Is who back there?”


Isabella:  “Her crush, she’s got all these rules like she can’t look at him and she has to wait for him to talk to her first.”

Kristyn:  “If you can’t look at him then how will he know you like him?”

Bailey:  “I haven’t really thought about it that far….”

Isabella:  “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her!”

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