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Reese & Madilyn 1.37

Reese:  “Do you like it, Madi?”

He asked eagerly, feeling nervous that she would hate the house he’d bought for her.  She had informed him that she would rather walk over hot coals in hell than move back to “that woman’s” house.  So, he had sold it and moved the family to Newcrest in Louisiana to start over somewhere new. As soon as he had seen the brightly colored house and the large garden, he had known that it was perfect for his girls (he was including Gemma in that because he knew that Madilyn and Camryn wouldn’t go anywhere without their Gemma).


Madilyn:  “I love it, it’s perfect.  Thank you for thinking about Gemma, she loves that garden already”  And then she proceeded to show him just how much she loved how thoughtful he had been by finally allowing him back into her bed!

Reese wasted no time after that getting reacquainted, propositioning her whenever he got near anything they could woohoo in.  So much so that she teased him by saying she was spending more time naked than with clothes on and he would laugh while luring her to the next woohoo spot while explaining that he had 7 years of celibacy to make up for.


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