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Reese & Madilyn 1.38

Gemma loved her garden!  Reese had been so kind and thoughtful, making sure the new house had this grand garden for her to putter around in.  Also, her own family was so close by that she could visit them whenever she wanted.  She was happier than she’d been in a very long time.  Truth be told, she’d been lonely.  She missed her sweet Walter more than she could ever express and living out in the desert with her family so far away had been hard for her. 

Now they were a short city bus ride away!  She could see her own family in less than 30 minutes whenever she wanted.  She was so happy that she whistled while she tended the garden and waited for the Winters girls to return home from school.

Camryn was incredibly popular, already the center of attention at her private school.  Kristyn wasn’t as fortunate, that one struggled with fitting in and being accepted.  She would come home sad and head straight for her phone to chat with that boy she’d met at the park all those months ago.  She seemed really close to him and was often either on the phone with him or whispering to him in a video chat on her tablet.

She’d thought about warning her father and Madilyn that perhaps the teens were getting a little too close but thought it wasn’t really her place to make such a comment.

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