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Reese & Madilyn 1.39

Camyrn jumped out of bed, excited that it was Saturday and she had no homework.  Trying to figure out what she wanted to do, she decided to go eat some Cheerios and watch cartoons while waiting for the rest of her family to finally wake up.

Old people.

They sure slept a long time!  Didn’t they know there was a whole world waiting out there to be explored?


Kristyn didn’t wake up in the same happy mood, she hadn’t been able to talk to Kale last night because by the time she’d gotten home from school he had been busy with his football game.  His school was headed for the state championships and he was living and breathing football to prepare. 


It was the sound of her tablet chiming letting her know there was a video chat request that finally got her out of bed as she wandered into another room for privacy.

Kristyn:  “Kale….”

Kale:  “You ok, Kris?  What happened?  You seemed upset yesterday.”

Kristyn puts the tablet away so he can’t see her face, she was what she called an ugly crier and didn’t want him to see her as she sniffed.

Kristyn:  “They put a picture of a giraffe on my locker and stuck my face on it and then wrote things on it.  Everybody laughed and called me names…”

Kale:  “Are you going to tell your dad?  Kris, you have to.  It’s gotten really bad.”

Kristyn:  “I can’t.  You don’t know what it was like.  He was so sad, he wouldn’t even eat.  He’s so happy now.  He’s always smiling and hugging everybody.  I don’t want to ruin that because I’m being silly and letting some mean girls get to me.”

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