Reese & Madilyn 1.43


Kristyn spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with Bailey and Isabella.  She’d learned that appearances could be misleading.  She would have pegged Isabella for a snob and a mean girl.  Her parents being world famous rock stars and yet the girl was nothing like that.  She had refused to attend a private school and she was friendly and cheerful.

Soon as she’d heard that Isabella had managed to get her way?  Kristyn had asked for pointers, she wanted to attend public school with her new friends and just had to figure out a way to get her dad to agree. 

She’d laughed as they parted ways and Bailey had reminded her that if she did start going to their school that she needed to remember that Ryan was hers or at least he would be as soon as she got him to notice her.

Reese & Madilyn 1.42

Isabella:  “EEWWW!  She splashed me!”

Bailey:  “Duh, you are at a pool genius.”

Moving away from the splash zone, the girls head up to the deck where they won’t get wet.


Isabella:  “Hey new girl, I hear Austin wants you to join our club.  Maybe we don’t agree…..”

Bailey:  “Oh ignore her, she’s just sore because you were dancing with her crush.”

Isabelle:  “Yeah well yours was staring at her so how come you are all happy and crap?”

Kristyn threw her hands up in self-defense:  “I already like somebody, so need to worry.”


Bailey:  “Is he back there?” 

Isabella:  “You are so sad, why don’t you turn around and look?”

Kristyn:  “Is who back there?”


Isabella:  “Her crush, she’s got all these rules like she can’t look at him and she has to wait for him to talk to her first.”

Kristyn:  “If you can’t look at him then how will he know you like him?”

Bailey:  “I haven’t really thought about it that far….”

Isabella:  “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her!”

Reese & Madilyn 1.41

Kristyn felt a little awkward, her face turning red as she looked around at all the teens who clearly already knew each other.  Not sure what to do, she decided she’d just dance and pretend like she belonged there.

Trying to find a place to dance, a boy bumped into her and she fumbled to get her footing and then another boy stood in the middle of the floor staring at her.

Her face turned red till a girl turned and rolled her eyes.

Austin:  “That’s their idea of flirting, ignore them.  I’m Austin.  I’m the leader of the teen girls club, we have an opening if you want to check us out.”


Kristyn:  “Yeah sure, I’ll check it out.  Is he going to stop staring?”

Austin:  “Ryan!  Go bug somebody else, sheesh you’d think with half the school thinking you are the finest thing ever you’d leave the new girl alone.”

New girl, her face turned red and she hurried over to the diving board.  She hated that term!  Would they start being mean to her now?  Soon as it got around that she was the new girl?


Reese & Madilyn 1.40

Later that morning, Gemma challenged Kristyn to a lively game of darts.  The loser was at the mercy of the winner!  No way Kristyn was losing this game, she wanted to make Gemma do her chores for the day.


Gemma had other plans and quickly won the game. 

Turning to Kristyn she claimed her victory:  “I want you to go to the pool.  I saw there was some sort of teen pool party and I think it’s time you met some kids your own age.”

Kristyn tried to get out of it but she’d lost the bet and had to go.  She was sure she’d be miserable and it would be more of the same.  Kale hadn’t even supported her!  He’d told her that he thought it was a good idea and she could always leave if she wasn’t having fun.

Reese & Madilyn 1.39

Camyrn jumped out of bed, excited that it was Saturday and she had no homework.  Trying to figure out what she wanted to do, she decided to go eat some Cheerios and watch cartoons while waiting for the rest of her family to finally wake up.

Old people.

They sure slept a long time!  Didn’t they know there was a whole world waiting out there to be explored?


Kristyn didn’t wake up in the same happy mood, she hadn’t been able to talk to Kale last night because by the time she’d gotten home from school he had been busy with his football game.  His school was headed for the state championships and he was living and breathing football to prepare. 


It was the sound of her tablet chiming letting her know there was a video chat request that finally got her out of bed as she wandered into another room for privacy.

Kristyn:  “Kale….”

Kale:  “You ok, Kris?  What happened?  You seemed upset yesterday.”

Kristyn puts the tablet away so he can’t see her face, she was what she called an ugly crier and didn’t want him to see her as she sniffed.

Kristyn:  “They put a picture of a giraffe on my locker and stuck my face on it and then wrote things on it.  Everybody laughed and called me names…”

Kale:  “Are you going to tell your dad?  Kris, you have to.  It’s gotten really bad.”

Kristyn:  “I can’t.  You don’t know what it was like.  He was so sad, he wouldn’t even eat.  He’s so happy now.  He’s always smiling and hugging everybody.  I don’t want to ruin that because I’m being silly and letting some mean girls get to me.”

Reese & Madilyn 1.38

Gemma loved her garden!  Reese had been so kind and thoughtful, making sure the new house had this grand garden for her to putter around in.  Also, her own family was so close by that she could visit them whenever she wanted.  She was happier than she’d been in a very long time.  Truth be told, she’d been lonely.  She missed her sweet Walter more than she could ever express and living out in the desert with her family so far away had been hard for her. 

Now they were a short city bus ride away!  She could see her own family in less than 30 minutes whenever she wanted.  She was so happy that she whistled while she tended the garden and waited for the Winters girls to return home from school.

Camryn was incredibly popular, already the center of attention at her private school.  Kristyn wasn’t as fortunate, that one struggled with fitting in and being accepted.  She would come home sad and head straight for her phone to chat with that boy she’d met at the park all those months ago.  She seemed really close to him and was often either on the phone with him or whispering to him in a video chat on her tablet.

She’d thought about warning her father and Madilyn that perhaps the teens were getting a little too close but thought it wasn’t really her place to make such a comment.

Reese & Madilyn 1.37

Reese:  “Do you like it, Madi?”

He asked eagerly, feeling nervous that she would hate the house he’d bought for her.  She had informed him that she would rather walk over hot coals in hell than move back to “that woman’s” house.  So, he had sold it and moved the family to Newcrest in Louisiana to start over somewhere new. As soon as he had seen the brightly colored house and the large garden, he had known that it was perfect for his girls (he was including Gemma in that because he knew that Madilyn and Camryn wouldn’t go anywhere without their Gemma).


Madilyn:  “I love it, it’s perfect.  Thank you for thinking about Gemma, she loves that garden already”  And then she proceeded to show him just how much she loved how thoughtful he had been by finally allowing him back into her bed!

Reese wasted no time after that getting reacquainted, propositioning her whenever he got near anything they could woohoo in.  So much so that she teased him by saying she was spending more time naked than with clothes on and he would laugh while luring her to the next woohoo spot while explaining that he had 7 years of celibacy to make up for.