Luka & Avery 1.52

The next day, Mallory invites all her closest friends over.  She is determined to find a friend for her younger brother.  Look how miserable he looks while Nina and Mallory greet each other with a big hug.  Nina is raging with jealousy over Nina and how close she’s gotten to Mallory.


Luka has a day off work so he sits down with all the children while Avery works on making a snack for the horde.  Morgan is the boy sitting beside Mallory, he is the son of my first Sim family!  So happy to see them in my game again.


Luka & Avery 1.51

Avery knows her little guy is unhappy so she heads out to the park to play with the children and see if she can help him adjust to their new home.

Luka got another promotion, he is now at the top of his career.  He joined his family at the park and gave his son a hug.  Avery had told him that Nicolas was unhappy and wasn’t making any friends in school.

Both kids look disgusted as dad plants a big smooch on mom…..

Luka & Avery 1.50

Mallory invited Nina over so that she could meet her brother.  She wants to help Nicolas make friends so he doesn’t feel so sad and angry all the time.

It didn’t go very well.  Nina tried talking to Nicolas but he just stared at her as if she had grown an extra head and was speaking in some foreign alien language.

Later at the park Mallory casually asked what Nicolas thought of her good friend.

Mallory:  “What did you think of Nina.  She’s nice, right?”

Nicolas:  “Who?  Oh that girl you invited over?  She’s kind of a weirdo, did you hear the way she laughs?  She sounds like a dying seal….”

Mallory just sighs and thinks that this is going to be a very hard challenge for her.

Luka & Avery 1.49

One day before school, Nicolas tells Mallory that he doesn’t like living in Newcrest.  Mallory tries to cheer him up by telling him about all the great kids in the neighborhood.

Nicolas:  “Of course you like it, you’re popular and have tons of friends….”

Mallory decides to do something about it…

Nicolas had another bad day at school and came home angry.  Some kids
were picking on him because of his grades.  Maybe he should spend some
time working out with dad.  He was sure that if he got as big as his
dad, then the kids would leave him alone.

Mallory tried to cheer him up but it just made him angrier.

Luka & Avery 1.48

Aww…….this is such a hug happy family.  Had Luka and Mallory cuddle on the couch to increase their bar and in the background Nicolas went and hugged Avery.

Hugs all around after a long day at school.

TS4 Builds

Lucien and Mia’s house in the early morning as the moon sets over Newcrest.  Gorgeous!  Below are screens of their colorful corner of Newcrest (actually all my NC houses are brightly colored in the tradition of New Orleans shotgun houses).  The blue house next door is Luca and Avery.  It’s why Avery was so disgusted with the rainbow colored Munchkin land.