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I really want to build a house out in the woods, since we can’t do that…this was the next best thing.  I wish we could build in GF (that our Sims can live in permanently) or at the very least we had a neighborhood that a country farmhouse would look right in.


Can you tell I’m in the Christmas mood already?

How to Separate Bed Frames Tutorial

I did a tutorial for @thesimcommunity on how to separate bed frames.  I have also reposted it below:

You can find that article HERE

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk to you about how I separate mattresses from
their frames.  I have watched countless videos and read many tutorials
but I could not figure out how to do it.  Then a dear friend came to my
rescue and showed me how she does it.  So, I’m dedicating this article
to my friend Ami as a thank you for her help.

Tools needed:

Sims 4 Studio


Graphic Program

Annachibi’s separated frames

Before we get started, I want to make something very clear.  If you
release these items using this tutorial and Annachibi’s bed frames then
you must provide her credit.  Do not release separated beds that use her
frames as a base without giving her credit.

Step 1

Organize!  You guys should know by now how big I am on keeping
everything nice and neat.  Make yourself a folder called “Working CC”.
Then inside that folder you will keep all your goodies.  I suggest
making a folder called “Bed Frames” and then in there you will have a
folder with all of Annachibi’s frames.  You will also create folders for
every bed you separate.  For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how
to separate the Sims 3 Cape Cod Double Bed that I converted and now need
to separate.  Because they are both packages, I made sure to put the
Sims 3 bed package in it’s own folder so I wouldn’t get confused.

Step 2

Place the package of the bed you want to separate and all of
Annachibi’s frames into the mods folder found inside the Sims 4 Studio
folder.   C:Users****DocumentsSims 4 StudioMods it
should be in that folder.  Open Sims 4 Studio (S4S) and then select
“create 3D mesh” found under the objects button.  Click load and let it
do it’s thing.  Once it is done, then you will type in the name of the
package you want to separate.  Usually, you can just type in the first
few letters and it will find it.  I did a search for Cape and found my



Step 3

Once you have found the bed you will export the mesh and the texture.
Put them into your folder that you made for this project and label them
something that makes sense.  It’s important to label everything right
so you don’t get mixed up.


Step 4

Now you will open this bed in blender and export it as an object.
Remember, this is the package of the bed you are wanting to separate.



Step 5

Go back to S4S and once again select “create 3D mesh” but this time
you will be opening up Annachibi’s frame.  Type in her name in the
search bar and select a bed that looks like the one you are wanting to
separate.  Export the mesh and remember to name it something that makes


Step 6

Go back to Blender and open Annachibi’s frame mesh.  Import the .obj
mesh of the bed you are wanting to separate so it is on top of
Annachibi’s frame.  You will see the frame like in the 3rd image below.
The fifth image shows how the frame looks with the mesh of the one you
are wanting to separate on top of it.

Step 7

To navigate with Blender, press down the middle roll wheel on your
mouse to scroll around.  You hold down the right button to highlight
something (it will have an orange outline).

Write down the cut number of Annachibi’s frame (it should be 0) and
then select it so you can delete it.  You will be left with a white
blob.  Next you have to delete the mattress, pillows and sheets so you
are left with just the frame.  You do that by right clicking on each
item to highlight in orange and then pushing your delete button.  After
you are done with that, you will delete the shadow of the bed you are
using for your base.  First, right down the cut number (it should be 1)
and type that into the shadow cut number of your bed that you are
separating.  Finally, you will right click on the leg shadows (the small
circular shadows) and then select scale so you can make them really
small and hide them under the bed.

Screens to explain this process:


Step 8

Once you are done with all that, save your mesh.  You do that by
click “save as” and then naming it whatever and then select “save as
blender file” in the upper right corner area.



Step 9

Go back to S4S and create yet another package.  This will be your
final one so label it something that makes sense.  Import the mesh you
just made in blender into the LOD High under the mesh tab.  It’s going
to look really crazy because of the LOD but you’ll fix that next.  After
you have imported the mesh, it will look like the below and that will
tell you did it right.  BE SURE to click on every LOD!  Otherwise when
you zoom out, it will morph into something ugly.  You can also go in and
fix the bumps and shininess at this point by changing them in the
warehouse tab (that is another tutorial).


Step 10

Now you will fix the shadows by going back to Blender.  Right click
on the big shadow box (cut number 1) and delete it.  Select save as and
name it whatever (I usually name it something like CapeCodBedShadow).
Then you will go back to S4S and import this into as shadows for your
bed frame.  Remember to do this for every Shadow LOD.  You will know you
did this right because it will look like the below:


Step 11

Import the texture you exported of the bed you wanted to separate.
Then save it and test it in your game.  If all went right, then you
should be able to place it and put a mattress on top.


Congratulations!  You just separated your first bed frame. I choose
to leave my items at high LOD counts.  There are tutorials out there
showing you how to lower these for the medium and lower LODs.  If you
have any questions, please reach out to me at the Sims Community and I’ll be happy to try and help.

Download the bed frame I converted and used for this tutorial:



Recolors are allowed.  Please tag me because I’d love to see what you did.

-Don’t use my swatches and claim as your own.

-Don’t reload my items to a paysite.

-Don’t remove my credit from the description.

-Link back to me here if you recolor as the person who converted them.

-Link back to me here if you include them in your build package.

Download (click the words)

Cape Cod Bedframe

Luka & Avery 1.56

Scenery shots of the gorgeous Newcrest neighborhood they live in.  Avery may hate how colorful it is but it has inspired her so she’s creating all masterpieces now and making quiet a bit of money for the family in the process.



Luka & Avery 1.55

Date night!  Luka decided that Avery needed some couple time away from the kids and all of Mallory’s friends who are constantly at their house.  So, he took her out for the night.


Luka enjoying the view as Avery heads upstairs.  They ended their gold level date with some fun in the sauna at home.  Don’t get her pregnant again!  I don’t think Nicolas could handle more competition.

Luka & Avery 1.54

Avery took the kids to the park while Luka was at work.  Nicolas was excited to see his friend there.  He quickly drew her away before Mallory could dazzle her and he’d lose his only friend.

Avery met two women while at the park and made some friends of her own.  The first was Pagan (the mother of Morgan and my first Sim family).  Pagan is a stay-at-home mother like Avery.  Her husband Logan is an astronaut and works long hours.

The second woman is Serafina who is an astronaut and shares many of the same like as Avery.  Serafina is married to another astronaut..They became close friends almost instantly.

Luka & Avery 1.53

Nicolas went to the park alone and spots a girl that his sister doesn’t know.  Finally!  His chance to make a friend that was all his own.  It wasn’t that he resented Mallory and her popularity (not all that much).  It was just that it was hard to compete with somebody like her.

The girl laughed at all his jokes and even agreed to cloud gaze with him.  Nicolas had just made his first friend.  Now all he had to do was keep her away from Mallory so she wouldn’t steal her.