Lucien Loves Mia 1.31

After a very successful trip to the secret location, Lucien can’t stop hugging Mia.  He’s very happy to finally have gotten the girl after all these years but he’s not done surprising her.

As for Mia?  She seems to be in a perpetual state of very flirty.  I hope Sims can’t die of this because that would be a very sad day for poor Lucien.

Yes! The surprise that Lucien ordered while they were away has been delivered, now to make preparations.  He’s not sure how he’s going to keep this giant thing hidden from her.  He’ll just have to find a way to keep her distracted and out of the backyard.

Too late!  Mia is a secret agent, after all.  So, not much will escape her notice.  Well, other than the fact that Lucien was madly in love with her for decades.  Somehow, she missed that.

Mia:  “What have you done?  What is this?”

Lucien:  “Ermmmm…..surprise?”

Lucien Loves Mia 1.30

I’m missing my babies.  I don’t really have time to play right now.  So, sharing some old screens that I haven’t posted.  After accepting the proposal, Mia and Lucien celebrate by creating fireworks in a tent.




Lucien Loves Mia 1.27

I’ve been so focused on making CC lately that I’ve been missing my “babies”.  Lucien asked Mia to go on a date with him to the secret location he had discovered earlier.  She has no idea what he has in store……

Lucien Loves 1.26

Lucien got up early one day and told Mia he was going to the store.  Instead, he headed out into the world to explore.  He was in search of the “perfect” place.

For what, though?

Why does he need the “perfect” place?

Spotting a promising tree, he enters and then rushes back home to ask Mia on another date.