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Lucien Loves Mia 1.24

Lucien:  “Hey Mia, wanna play horseshoes?

Mia:  “Err….no.  I’d rather stick my hand in a hornet’s nest.”

Lucien:  “Awwww……come on babe.  It will be fun.”

Mia:  “Fine, however if you act like a poor sport again?  I’m totally throwing you in the pool.”

Lucien:  *chuckles because he’s sure she can’t lift him and because he’s going to win*

Lucien:  *pretending to be supportive because he’s winning*  “Come on babe, you can do it.”

Mia:  “I won!  I won!” 

Lucien:  *grumbles*

Mia:  “Are you actually cursing because you lost?  You are such a poor sport.”

Lucien:  “You still love me though….”

Mia:  “You wish….”

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