Lucien Loves Mia 1.24

Lucien:  “Hey Mia, wanna play horseshoes?

Mia:  “Err….no.  I’d rather stick my hand in a hornet’s nest.”

Lucien:  “Awwww……come on babe.  It will be fun.”

Mia:  “Fine, however if you act like a poor sport again?  I’m totally throwing you in the pool.”

Lucien:  *chuckles because he’s sure she can’t lift him and because he’s going to win*

Lucien:  *pretending to be supportive because he’s winning*  “Come on babe, you can do it.”

Mia:  “I won!  I won!” 

Lucien:  *grumbles*

Mia:  “Are you actually cursing because you lost?  You are such a poor sport.”

Lucien:  “You still love me though….”

Mia:  “You wish….”

Lucien Loves Mia 1.23

It’s been awhile since I shared any photos of Lucien and Mia.  Their first date was successful and things are going great between them; so Lucien asked Mia out for a second date.


After giving her a rose, Lucien asks Mia to be his girlfriend.  He has the wish to marry her and her saying yes brings him one step closer to his goal.


Then he decides to make a move….


And so ended another gold medal date…..

TS4 Builds




Teen girls room, it’s pinktastic!  LOL, now I just have to make sure they have a girl to live in this room.

CC art posters and pink shag rug are by me.  I’m obsessed with mid-century modern anything and just had to have those things in my game.

I haven’t released any of my CC….yet….I look at the work of others and just don’t think my simple recolors are good enough.  So, I keep them for myself and a few close friends (feelings of inferiority… anybody?  LOL)