Ryan’s House … clutter explosion

I almost feel sorry for any male Sim that moves into this very feminine house.

Her living room, shabby chic and pink.

Master bedroom, those dolls are some of favorite things ever.

Guest room, made it a little more neutral so the poor guy can escape to at least one room that isn’t all pink.

The home office, my favorite room in the house.  The shelves are waiting to be filled with collectibles.

You smashed my Sim!!

Gideon:  “Hey, Ryan! You want to cloud gaze with me?”

Sim Goddess:  “Are you sure you want to cloud gaze there?  What about that perfectly good grassy spot over there?”

Sim Goddess:  “You might want to get up….”

Sim Goddess:  “Train coming!  Get up!”

Sim Goddess: “MOVE!!!”

Sim Goddess:  “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  You smashed my Sim!!”

Leah 1.13

Tiernan:  “So, you really are just going to play horseshoes?”

Leah:  “Yep……what are you doing?”

Sim Goddess:  “I think he’s trying to flirt with you.”

Leah:  “Why?”

Sim Goddess:  “Maybe because he likes you?”

Tiernan:  “Standing right here, you know and I can speak for myself.”

Leah:  “Um….ok….so what do I do now?”

Sim Goddess:  “You can either reject him or kiss him.”

Tiernan:  “I vote for kiss me.”

Leah 1.12

Leah:  *sighs*

Sim Goddess:  “You look miserable….”

Leah:  “I don’t like you very much right now….”

Sim Goddess:  “I’m sorry, I kind of thought it would happen to him.”

Leah:  “So, what are we going to do now?”

Sim Goddess:  “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Leah:  “Vomit on you?  Would serve you right.”

Sim Goddess:  “You think maybe we should back up a few days and explain how you got this way?”

Leah:  “Or you could go back to that other save before you made this happen?“

Sim Goddess:  “I thought you liked him and this was supposed to happen to him, he is the alien after all.”

Leah 1.11

Leah: “Why are you sitting so close to me?”

Tiernan:  “It’s a small couch and I’m a big guy, not enough room….”

Leah:  “Huh…..”

Tiernan:  “Are you nervous?”

Leah:  *squirming*  “Of course not, why would I be?  We’re just sitting here watching I Love Lucy.  She’s so funny.  Isn’t she?  Wooo…maybe we should go outside?  It’s hot in here.  Does anybody else think it’s hot in here?”

Tiernan:  “No, not really but if you want to go outside……”

Leah:  “Horseshoes?  How about a game of horseshoes?”

Tiernan:  *laughs*

Leah 1.10

Sim Goddess:  “Now that a mod has been created for you?  I decided to give you a present…..”

Leah:  “What is it?  I love presents…..OOO!  You invited him on my vacation?”

Sim Goddess:  “I did…..”

Leah:  “He looks so sad though…..should I try and cheer him up?”

Sim Goddess:  “Go for it.”

Leah:  “So, what’s wrong?  Why are you so sad?”

Tiernan:  “Ever live in tiny house with seven other males?  Then you get abandoned there and left to languish forever.”

Leah:  “Well, you can keep moping around or snap out of it and come cloud gaze with me.  That one looks like a puppy…..”

Tiernan:  *distracted by the pretty girl laying beside him and could care less about the clouds*

Leah:  “See?  Don’t you feel better already?”

Tiernan:  “Want to go sit on the couch and watch a show or something?”

Leah 1.9

Sim Goddess:  “You seem to have recovered nicely from your encounter with those mean boys….”

Leah:  “Who?  Already forgot them……what is that buzzing sound?”

Sim Goddess:  “A bug?  Probably a mosquito.”

Leah:  “Ewww….you did not tell me there would be bugs out here.  Ack!  It’s on me!  Get it off!”

Sim Goddess:  “Swat it, it’s just a bug and stop freaking out.”

Leah:  “Huh, you aren’t the one with pterodactyl sized bugs buzzing around your head…..”

Sim Goddess:  “Why don’t you go catch those butterflies?  They’ll look great in your dungeon….err…I mean, collection basement.”

Leah:  “Caught ya! Amazing, it went from the size of a bird to a tiny little thing in my hands.  It’s magical!  I wish we had magic in this game, can I be a witch?  Oh or maybe a fairy, wouldn’t fairy alien babies be too cute?”

Sim Goddess:  “You have a one track mind where that boy is concerned….”