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Lucien Loves Mia 1.1

New Sims and a new story…..”Lucien loves Mia….”


This is the story of Lucien and Mia.  Two Sims who met in Lucky Palms as children.  Mia was from the wrong side of the Interstate and yet for Lucien it was love at first sight.  All it took was one look at the 1st grader nearly coming to blows with a much older student who was picking on her friend and Lucien knew this was the girl for him.

All that spunk and feisty nature!  They became fast friends and were inseparable through elementary school and middle school.  They never made it past just friends because of “the tragedy”.  The accident at the aging Sports Arena in Lucky Palms that took the lives of many LP residents including Lucien’s parents.  It left him disfigured and convinced that he would never be good enough for the girl of his dreams.

Eventually, Mia moved away to attend college and they lost touch.  It was for the best, Lucien had convinced himself.  A girl like her would never want a guy like him.

Lucien eventually moved to New Crest and joined the police force and to take care of his aging grandmother.  The woman who had raised him when his parents died in “the tragedy.”

One day, he heard that Mia had taken a job at the “agency” and would be moving in to town.  He offered her a place to stay because he had this giant house all to himself and there were no empty homes in their world.

Will he ever be able to get the nerve up to tell her how he feels or will be be doomed to watch as another guy steals her away?

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