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Ryan 1.4

Ryan attempts to seduce her new room mate, Carlo.

Carlo:  “What are you doing?”

Ryan:  “What’s it look like?  Skinny dipping….”

Carlo:  “Errmmm…..maybe you should put some clothes on or something.”


Ryan:  “It’s really hot in here.  Sure you don’t want to join me?

Carlo:  *sputters and isn’t sure where his eyes should be going.*


Ryan: *blows Carlo a kiss….*

Carlo:  *blows one right back….*

Ryan:  Thinking *This is too easy….let’s try something a little stronger….*


Carlo:  “What are you doing?  I barely know you!  We aren’t even friends!”

Ryan:  “What?  You’ve never had friends with benefits….?”


Well that didn’t go exactly according to plan, now did it Ryan?  At least she got to enjoy the view while messing up her brand new budding relationship with her roomie.  She’s got some work to do to fix things because evidently Carlo is looking for more than just a fast and attachment free hook up.

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