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Welcome to my Sims 4 Stories!

I loosely call them legacies because they are generational.  However, I do not follow any rules.  Most of the plots are usually dictated by my sims!  I’ve found that the game is more enjoyable if I just let go of control and let my sims tell the stories.

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Runaways Legacy:  Runaways trying to make it in the world without any adults. If you enjoy drama, this is the story for you.  There is prostitution, black mail, stalking, kidnapping, a murder, secret aliens.….and more. Somehow this has turned into a generational play, my first one!  This story is over 2 years old and the 5th generation babies are being born….

Chaisson Legacy:  Luna Marie and Mercy are twin teens who have moved to Oasis Springs to live with their grandmother. After the levee in Twinbrook broke and flooded the swamp where they were living, their mother went missing.  Did she drown or did she abandon the girls? This story is almost 2 years old and the 3rd generation babies are being born.

Delgado Legacy:  Kinsley is a girl from the wrong side of town who had a one night stand with a 21 year old soldier when she was just 15 (she lied to him about her age).  Hope is the result of that night.  Their story begins 8 years later.  Gabriel is back in town……

Short Stories

(usually legacies that I abandoned for one reason or another but still fun to read!)

Lucien Loves Mia:  My original babies – they were the first TS4 sims that caught my interest enough that I stuck with them and wanted to tell their story.  Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted them and could never recapture that magic even using their saved sims in my personal gallery.  They show up often as townies in my legacies now.

Lexie & Ethan: The story of the criminal twins Ethan and Kevin and their constant battles.  Ethan is mean and hot tempered, Kevin is an evil genius.   Lexie is the woman caught in the middle of them till she finally picks one of the brothers.  I lost interest in them eventually and they live on as townies in my legacies now.

Sydney & Forrest:  My failed attempt at telling a story in the first person!  I couldn’t keep it going once they started having children and then it didn’t feel right switching to 3rd person.  Sydney and Forrest are the parents of McKinley and Lillian who feature heavily in my Chaisson legacy.  They live on through their children in my legacies and as townies.

O’Shea Legacy:  Bailey – an artist trying to make it on her own and Thorn – an astronaut who becomes her art gallery benefactor.  I’m not sure why I lost interest in them, I think it was because I controlled them a little too much and they got boring.

Samina & Ryder:  What happens when a Pollination Technician is fired for not getting human males pregnant and is sent into exile and sentenced to toil away as a scientist.  I lost interest in them because the science career was such a mess!  They live on with their children as townies in my saves.

Reese & Madilyn:  My first attempt at playing drama!  What happens when a runaway teen becomes the nanny to a wealthy family.  I wasn’t able to handle the harsh negative feedback from a couple of readers and let that influence my enjoyment of this story.  I never let that happen again!

Luka & Avery:  A pro athlete meets an artistic rebel.  A very old save that I lost interest in once I cut back on CC.  They heavily used CC and the change was a bit too much for me.

Random Gameplay:  Usually tester sims trying out new packs or mods, sometimes very short stories because I abandoned it before it got long enough to get a title.